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The Danger Of Learning Too Much

November 24, 2022

Are you constantly stuck in a cycle of wanting to learn more and more, but never actually implementing what you are learning? In today’s episode, host May Yeo Silvers talks about the danger of learning too much and how to learn in a more effective way.


The danger of learning too much is that the more you learn, the more inadequate you feel. Every time you learn something new, you are faced with how much there still is to learn. That feeling can be very overwhelming and lead you to not actually retain anything you have learned. The best way to learn is to take it step by step. Each time you learn a new thing, implement it. By taking action you will evoke a feeling around that action, and then you are more likely to remember what you learned. Once you’ve taken action on the first step of what you just learned, then you can move onto learning the next step. 


If you continually learn new things, but do not actually implement them, you are not actually retaining what you’ve learned. Until you put what you learn into action, it is all just theory. Tune into this week’s episode of The Unstoppable Eventrepreneur™ to learn about the danger of learning too much and why implementation is vital for effective learning. 



• “You continue to crave for more new things to learn. So this becomes a pattern, you're constantly in the learning mode. You want to learn more, and more, and more, because every new thing that you learn makes you feel more and more insecure.” (5:35-5:52 | May)

• “I don't want you to get into the mindset of constantly wanting to learn more because the more you learn the more inadequate you feel.” (9:13-9:20 | May)

• “When you implement what you have learned in theory, you are creating an activity, and the activity will create some form of a memory. Okay, because of the experience you get from that activity, so it creates feelings. And that feeling creates emotions. And that's when you will remember better than just words itself.” (10:32-10:57 | May)

• “I'm not asking you to stop learning. I'm asking that every time you learn something, you’ve got to immediately take action to implement what you have learned.” (11:06-11:13 | May) 

• “In order for you to be able to relate to the things that you are learning, you’ve got to implement what you have learned previously. And then, the results are going to give you a better point of reference when you go to learn the next thing.” (14:01-14:19 | May)



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