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How to Deal with Disgruntled Customers

June 23, 2022

When it comes to running a business, handling unhappy customers is part of the job. Even though it can be intimidating, there are ways you can find winning solutions. In today’s episode, host May Yeo Silvers discusses how to properly handle disgruntled customers. 


According to May, the top two reasons why customers become frustrated is due to miscommunication or false expectations. Rather than letting your emotions get the best of you, May tells listeners to remain calm and neutral. When we let our emotions lead the way, we often become defensive and end up not solving the problem at all. To avoid further conflict, it is important to use both empathy and factual information when talking with your customers.


Tune into this week’s episode of The Unstoppable Eventrepreneur™ to learn more about the importance of listening, empathy, and stating the facts so that you can handle any problem that arises with your customers. 



• “When you're dealing with somebody who is openly expressing to you that they're unhappy about certain things, you should be so thankful that they're actually sharing it with you instead of going behind your back and writing a bad review.” (03:25-03:41 | May)

• “When a customer is upset, there is something that is not working to their satisfaction. Therefore they are unhappy. So your role is to find out what exactly is happening in their mind.” (04:52-05:08 | May)

• “When you let emotions come out, you become very subjective and you tend to defend rather than solve the problem.” (05:27-05:35 | May)



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