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How Having an Email Campaign Can Help Your Business

May 5, 2022

With all of the networking that you are doing for your business, it is important to keep your network engaged with relevant content. While not everyone will be interested in the same content, there is an easy way to target specific groups of people. According to host May Yeo Silvers, creating an email campaign is one of the best tools you can use to help your business grow. 


While social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to market your business, only 5% of your followers will see your content. When you are growing your business, it is critical that you are reaching as many people as you can. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is through email marketing. May explains that by consistently sending emails with good content to your targeted audience, it will help you increase your brand visibility, convert more buy-later people, and increase your overall sales. 


Tune into this week’s episode of The Unstoppable Eventrepreneur™ to learn more about the purpose of email campaigns and how to build an email list that help grow your business.



• “Particular groups of people require different types of content.” (02:12-02:16)

• “An email campaign is a software that you use where you can send out emails automatically. You first draft the content of the email, and then you direct the software on who to send this content to.” (02:34-02:58)

• “Email campaign is a sales activity that require the least amount of your time.” (03:48-03:52)

• “Your email becomes like a search engine optimization, where you tell the people that you're sending the email to where you want them to go to.” (08:00-08:09)

• “Another purpose of email campaign is to continue nurturing your buy-later people.” (11:14-11:18)

• “Facebook and Instagram show only 5% of your followers what you post. So we need to catch them from different avenues, and email is one of them.” (12:15-12:25)


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