The Unstoppable Eventrepreneur™

”Feeling” Your Way To Success

November 17, 2022

Do you have a dream for yourself but are too afraid to take action? In today’s episode, Host May Yeo Silvers discusses the importance of feeling your way to success.


Unfortunately, many people never achieve their goals because they are simply too afraid to imagine themselves as successful. According to May, one of the best things you can do to achieve success is to first imagine yourself already there. Once you have an understanding of what it feels like to be that successful, it will give you the purpose and motivation you need to take actionable steps to get there. 


Don’t shut down your dreams before even trying! Tune into this week’s episode of The Unstoppable Eventrepreneur™ to learn why manifestation is the first step to living the life of your dreams.



• “Unfortunately, many people do not allow themselves to imagine because they don't want to feel disappointed if they don't attain their goals. And that's the reason why a lot of people don't even take the leap of faith to start their own business.” (03:38-03:56 | May)

• “If you don't get into the feelings of how it feels to experience your goals, you will lose your motivation and inspiration to take action to work towards it.” (08:33-08:47 | May)

• “Why is manifestation important? Because that vision is going to transport you spiritually into the place that you want to go. And it will feel so real that you can almost taste it.” (11:37-11:50 | May)

• “In order for you to have success in your business, you need to already feel that you are successful.” (14:33-14:41 | May)

• “Unfortunately, a lot of people do not allow themselves to even envision their goals in their head because they already shut down their own dreams.” (15:24-15:33 | May)

• “If you want success, dream like a child. Dream like anything is possible. Because it is.” (15:45-15:50 | May)

• “In order to take action, you have to feel something. If you don't feel anything, there is no purpose. Everything is empty.” (16:22-16:30 | May) 



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